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Looking for someone to take photos at your game? We offer sports action photography for $50.00 per game. This includes Liz attending your game and focusing on your player during the game. After that, all photos will be edited and 20 of your favorite photos are on placed on a CD for you. The rest of the game photos are uploaded to our site for purchasing. Please email or call/text 712-266-3136 if you’d like us to cover your next game.

You have probably seen us at a local sporting event in our Marketing T-Shirts, or maybe even picked up one of our business cards at a game or tournament. This page serves as a “landing page” with links to the most recent games we have covered and to help navigate to the game you’re looking for.

Photos are arranged by year taken (not “season”)

Softball 2023

Soccer 2023

Vollebyall 2023

All 2020

All 2019

All 2018

All 2017

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