Introducing baby Maple

COVID has of course put a damper on almost everyone’s lives this past year! One of the biggest things to having a baby now post COVID is that visitors are limited to one person per family. Also families are in and out of the hospital quicker than pre COVID. This past March I was contacted by the McGrain family to capture their newborn moments at the hospital after their latest baby was born. Unfortunately due to COVID we were unable to do their Fresh 48 session at the hospital but we were able to do a photo session at their home a few weeks after the baby was born.

I love Fresh 48 sessions because I love to capture special moments and these sessions allow for an intimate session that is more of a lifestyle approach with some special poses between the family and the newborn baby.

The McGrain family lives out in the country, so this gave me a nice scenic view while making the drive to their home. They welcomed their youngest daughter Maple this past July. It was exciting see the excitement of her oldest sister as their family was similar to my own. We have three daughters and I remember the excitement of my daughters about their younger sister. Now almost six years later, the excitement isn’t there still, but the love is still.

Baby Maple was very content most of our session, or was easily calmed down with her pacifier. Oldest sister was always near by us, while the middle sister was there for her photos and off to do something else!

Here are a few of my favorites from the session.

Until next time,


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