Dancing with Celeste Recital

I have been very fortunate to be the official photographer for Dancing with Celeste recital for the past 4 years. All 3 of my daughters dance with this dance studio, so I have been unofficially photographing my daughter’s recitals for the past 8 years.

This year’s recital was a quite different experience because of COVID-19, which was the norm for all dance studios this year. Typically the recital is held at the Orpheum, but this year it was move to SBL football field and held outside.

While it wasn’t the most ideal recital for the dancers, I just loved how the photos turned out! The dancers worked hard during their performances, but dancing on the football turf was an unique experience for them.

Here are a few photos from the recital, click on the link to see the rest!

Until next time,


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